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About Us

Since 2010, Sassy Lassy has been serving up the cheekiest, most interactive live trivia at pubs & clubs around the Twin Cities, and at private events. It is the only female-owned trivia company in town.

Every Lassy in the Sassy Lassy troupe's a vivacious, professional performer. She's got wit, she's got moxie - she's got A/V! - and she knows how to use them.

Sassy Lassy Trivia is even more fun when you don't know the answers! Know the capital of Azerbaijan? Neither do we! Give us a wit, grit, or lip and we may award you "Sassy Points."

Our exclusive trivia software platform makes scoring paperless, super-fast and always accurate.

Running around with bits of paper is so last century.

In addition to trivia, we host live Price is Right and Family Feud style games. Just need an emcee for your event? Hire a Sassy Lassy to be your Mistress of Ceremonies.

For more information about booking Sassy Lassy with your pub, club, or special event, contact us.